The $4 billion difference between Trump’s demand and

Like ovie hits the one timer from the circle on the pp, what was it about neals previous teams that let him put up decent numbers? It seems like whatever he thrived on he isnt getting here, and we spent a lot of money on him if he turns out to be a miss for our system AND if he misses here we hurt his trade value and hes on a bad contract (for his performance so far)AJAlexander_VGKVGK NHL 1 point submitted 16 days agoKeep in mind I throwing this at you just to provoke more conversation; I not taking a side per se. (I actually researching an article I working on.)Could his linemates have something to do with it? I say something about Lindholm taking minutes away, but looking at his ice time lately, it doesn really seem that way.The only other thing I throw in is that he was on the top PP lines previously, but this is still a dramatic drop. By my eyes, tonight was his best game as far as opportunities go, despite not being able to cash any in.

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