It also noted that Rajkot Patola is deceptively similar to

Replica Hermes Bags Associate of Trump confidant says he’s mulling a plea dealRow over cricket leaves seven dead in PakistanRain helps douse California fire but slows search crewsFormer Brazilian leaders Rousseff and Lula accused in fresh graft caseDoval, Wang hold India China border talksTaiwan votes in local elections amid pressure from ChinaDeputy Registrar of Geographical Indications, Chennai, has dismissed plea by Patan Double Ikat Patola Weavers’ Association against application for GI tag for Rajkot Patola filed by Rajkot District Weavers Association.In 2012, Rajkot District Weavers Association had filed an application to register Rajkot Patola, as a Geographical Indication. After the relevant examination, the application was accepted by the Registry and was published in the Geographical Indications Journal in 2015.Patan Double Ikat Patola weavers association, which owns the GI tag for Patan Patola, opposed the application.”Rajkot Patola leads people into believing that it is a ‘Patola saree’ whereas, actually it is not Patola, but a cheap imitation of Patan Patola,” Ikat Patola weavers association alleged.It also noted that Rajkot Patola is deceptively similar to Patan Patola (which is also popularly known among the public as Patola, Patola of Ratan, Double Ikat Patola, etc.)Patan Double Ikat Patola Weavers Association also noted that likelihood of confusion among the public is very high, since the buyer is unable to understand the minute details of artwork such as pure silk, artificial silk, single Ikat, Double Ikat etc.”The purchasing decision of people will depend of the word/indication Patolu or Patola which is synonymous with Patan Patola and people will buy Rajkot Patola believing it as Patan Patola,” it added.In its reply, Rajkot Weavers Association pointed out that Rajkot Patola weaving has a history of existence for over 60 years.”Rajkot Patola is very well known in the market over 6 decades in India and has the production infrastructure with extensive involvement of artisans spread across two major districts of Gujarat state, namely Rajkot and Surendranagar,” it added.Rajkot weavers association also pointed out designs of Rajkot Patola is different than the double Ikat Patan Patola and looms and equipment to weave both the products are entirely different.”Single Ikat Rajkot Patola sarees are available in the market ranging from 4,000 to 60,000/ where as Double Ikat sarees of Patan Patola are made to order for super rich consumers and are sold for 2,00,000/ to 2,50000/ per saree, artificially high in prices,” it claimed.”The opposition was filed with a presupposition that the applicant product is the cheaper version of the opponent product and there was no evidence in support of the plea raised by the opponent. Mere suspicion without supporting evidence, has no severity in the eye of law,” Chinnaraja G Naidu, Deputy Registrar of Geographical Indications, wrote in his order and allowed the application to proceed as per procedures.. Replica Hermes Bags

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