However, the agreement also included concessions from the city

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best hermes replica Agreement also goes on to create guidelines that focus on reorienting use of force policies toward de escalation and avoiding force in a complete overhaul of the municipal system, as well as requiring police to utilize body worn cameras, NPR reported.However, the agreement also included concessions from the city of Ferguson, such as [city of Ferguson] also recognize[s] that FPD officers often work under difficult circumstances, risking their physical safety and well being for the public good. The agreement does not admit any guilt or evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the Ferguson Police Department, despite the findings of the Department of Justice.The Department of Justice issued a report on its findings concerning the Ferguson PD on March 4, 2015. It said that it had found a pattern of unconstitutional behavior in the Ferguson PD, noting that while African Americans represented 67 percent of Ferguson population, they accounted for 90 percent of traffic stops and arrests, NPR reported.In addition, the Justice Department found and dehumanizing emails that had been sent during the workday from official police department and court officer accounts depicting President Obama as a chimpanzee and Michelle Obama as a bare chested African woman.The city doesn agree with everything in the report. best hermes replica

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