No, you can’t keep players just for their popularity

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He could speak out and denounce this carryon for what it is. Nobody expects Leo to achieve replica hermes birkin 35 or do anything at all, but he could show some fucking empathy and leadership. Wouldn cost him a thought to take the podium to extoll the virtues he bring as the gay son of an Indian immigrant, but how about leaving the narcissism somewhere else for one day, getting to the dail and saying “yes, the HSE are wrong.

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The colision of these movies is that bad guy(s) make a suprise attack on good guy(s) who doesn even have a suspicion bad guy(s) exist(s) or is bad. Good guy(s) is beaten and weakened forced to retreat and cannot fight bad guy. Bad guy does bad guy stuff, while good guy thinks of a way to defeat bad guy.

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