The alleged victim and her friend told police in Spokane that

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Hermes Replica Handbags Also I hope you don get any long term problems prescribing incredibly strong hormones to yourself. You are obviously troubled and took it into your own hands. I can say that this is a viable way to deal with this. That woman also says that the band members Michal Lysejko, 31, Waclaw Kieltyka, 35, Rafal Piotrowski, 31, and Hubert Wiecek, 30 sexually assaulted her in the bathroom of their tour bus.Court documents made public Monday say the rape happened during a party with band members and fans on the group’s tour bus.That woman hermes picotin replica also says that the band members sexually assaulted her on their tour bus. Pictured areMichal Lysejko, 31, left, andHubert Wiecek, 30, hermes birkin replica cheap rightThe band members were arrested Santa Ana, California, on replica hermes silk scarves allegations of first degree kidnapping and are jailed there while awaiting extradition to Spokane.They ‘plan to fully fight the allegations that have been brought against them and are confident that their side of the story will be heard,’ the band’s lawyer Steve Graham said in an email Tuesday.Decapitated had been touring with the Australian band Thy Art is Murder, and performed several shows after the Spokane concert before being arrested.The alleged victim and her friend told police in Spokane that after attending the show they ended up speaking with the band’s members and were invited to drink in their tour bus. Pictured left to right areLysejko,Piotrowski,Kieltykaand WiecekThe woman tried to push him away, ‘but he grabbed her arm and spun her around to where she was facing the sink and mirror in the bathroom,’ court documents said.’She saw in the mirror and out of the corner of her eye each of the band members taking turns raping her.’Her friend said that she watched the band members raping the woman, according to court documents.After the attack, the alleged victim said a band member helped her get dressed and carried her out of the bus.The woman walked away from the tour bus and immediately called 911, court documents said.By the time a police officer arrived on the scene, the tour bus was gone.The woman was examined at a hospital where she was found to have upper arm bruises consistent with being restrained and other injuries, the documents said.The band’s attorney said the band members won’t fight extradition and have witnesses who say the alleged victim came to visit the band of her free will and ‘left on good terms’. Hermes Replica Handbags

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