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cheap replica handbags As for the bad ones like Maid Dragon; again, everything can be bad, regardless of country of origin.[deleted] 25 points submitted 11 months agoWhy are this visuals uninteresting? It like a collage of shots from Hitagi and Koyomi relationship from his point of view, it like you get to live their whole relationship for the year or so they been together, which we don get from the series, taking into account the episode this opening precedes it makes a ton of sense, appart from that shot composition is great, backgrounds are pretty, and it smoothly animated. It does feel SUPER different to the rest of the openings because what this one does is convey a whole relationship instead of a simple idea, and again, the collage like style only replica bags and watches empathizesTheminimanx 4 points submitted 11 months agoWhat I mean by uninteresting is that its choice of colors and shots has no style of its own. Almost every other Monogatari opening uses a very specific color scheme that unique to that OP. cheap replica handbags

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