Warrior Run Mountain Series

ImageMAXmedia and Warrior Run Mountain Series work together as a Marketing an PR agency to promote their Extreme 5 K Mountain Series that are run at NY area mountains.  ImageMAXmedia designed a website, social media strategy and digital and print graphics to promote their events online and on-site.  

Digital Design

With a design that needed to remain fluid and focus on further expansion we took the time to listen to the company as they explained their needs and visions of their new website project.  ImageMAXmedia is working in a partnership that is committed to an evolving business model, that we provide digital and graphic tools to enhance their website and public relations efforts.  Warrior Run has gone through the initial stages of Logo design to full fledged Website development.    


Public Relations

At the hear of the compay is a voice called public relations, this is the personality and energy released to the media to encourage interaction and press coverage.  A well structured campaign and PR campaign was designed to create sponsorship opportunities and allow Warrior Run Mountain Series to break into a highly competitive athletic verticle with a unique offering.  Our Public Relations team have developed, digital graphics, print, signage, press story and blog development services.  

Social Media

Social Media can be a boost that any business needs or an anchor they never anticipated.  A well though out strategy of who your target audience is and what you are trying to say to them is at the core of messaging campaign.  ImageMAXmedia Social media Services will help you craft original interesting messaging that promotes brand interaction with Photography, Video Clips and enlightening content.  



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