Warrior Run Mountain Series announces Warrior Run Plattekill Mountain on Cinco De Mayo in 2012

Warrior Run Mountain Series extreme 5k registration is open for CincoDe Mayo 2012 at Plattekill Mountain


Press Release

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Stillwater, NY December 5, 2011


Plattekill Mountain to host Warrior Run Mountain Series Cinco De Mayo in 2012. Warrior Run Plattekill Mountain will challenging the body and mind in a hardcore 5k with fierce and friendly competition and a Cinco De Mayo after party. Warrior Run originated in northeastern US having its first event June 18th 2011 at West Mountain. Currently 3 new mountain events are scheduled for 2012, Warrior Mountain Runs are growing in popularity. The Mountain Series events, pit each participating individual or team against an extreme mountain 5k race consisting of obstacles, mud pits to fire pits and aggressive terrain. The day consists of 3- 4 waves of 500 hundred adventure seekers running at a time, a rock concert style after party has the stage set, the band ready to headline and the taps iced and ready to flow. The Warrior Run Mountain Series is a challenge that has a social after party, where people rock out, gloat, laugh and reflect the day. Beer and Food are available for each participant of the run to refuel and lick their wounds as they reach the finish line party.


Plattekill Bike located in Roxbury , NY is home to over 60 miles of mountain bike trails and is one of the first lift served bike parks to operate on the East Coast. Plattekill Mountain is open every weekend from April thru November and also features hiking, chairlift rides, camping and operates midweek for group adventure camp tours. Plattekill’s facility is also available for private parties, banquets and catered functions.


“Warrior Run has over 3000 people who have registered for the 2012 each looking to prove their athleticism as an individual or as a team. Each of us has something to prove, Said Steven Conklin, Owner of Warrior Run Mountain Series.” “ Warrior Run gives people an outlet to prove themselves and share with like minded individuals.” “I’ve been an athlete all my life, I have competed as a triathlete, and bobsledder who made an Olympic bid, and there comes a time when the typical outlets just don’t challenge you anymore.” “When all my friends were bored with the typical runs and bi-athalons, they wanted more of a challenge, I knew I could create something to test the inner warrior at any skill level.”


Warrior Run Mountain Series is on target to have 8 events in 2012 with 3 new mountains already confirmed, with more events to be announced for the 2012 Warrior Run season on the website www.warriorrunmountainseries.com.


Warrior Run Mountain Series combine a 5k run with obstacles including; mud, fire, climbing walls, and extreme terrain to create the most pulse pounding test for adventure seeker. Warrior Run originated in northeastern US having its first event June 18th 2011 at West Mountain. The 2012 Warrior Run Mountain Series announced 3 new mountain events scheduled for 2012. Warrior Run Mountain Series events pit each participating individual or team against 500 hundred adventure seekers running in each wave. Warrior Run Mountain Series then provides an extreme rock concert style after party that is fueled by a passion for extreme sports with live music, food and beer! Over 3000 people have registered for the 2012 Warrior Run Mountain Series, Do you have what it takes to do Warrior Run ? Prove it !

Warrior Run Mountain Series

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Public Relations

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